Sexual Addiction

When sex takes over


Are you or someone you know consumed by internet addiction disorders such as pornography, provocative “sexting” or other sexual urges too often satisfied in secretive ways that make you feel guilty, embarrassed or even shameful afterwards?


Do you find yourself cheating on your partner for reasons you may not know or just can’t understand?  Is it even harder to understand why you just cannot stop?


Sexual addiction is real and takes the form of many other addictive patterns.  The similarities include seeking opportunities to secretly engage in the behavior, turning to it in times of stress, and the way it can erode a relationship or prevent someone from finding a partner in the first place.  I’ve seen marriages end, people losing jobs, and others with an arrested ability to engage in a monogamous relationship as a result of excessive sexual acting out.


But, like any other addiction, it won’t necessarily stop unless the individual engaging in the behavior(s) realizes and owns a strong enough conviction to do so.  Also like other addictions, it can be very hard to stop on your own.  In addition to the cognitive-based therapy that I employ to combat the addiction, I recommend 12-step programs where one can obtain peer support and a deeper understanding of the addiction. We can start by examining patterns, their motivations, and their effects on you and others.


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