Therapeutic Divorce Mediation – An Alternative to A Messy Divorce

Divorce is a life-changing event and, according to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale, the second most stressful event in the life of an adult.  The phrase “I’ll see you in court” can conjure up visions of endless arguments, custody battles, and trips to court turning even the most mild-mannered individual into an anxiety-ridden sociopath! Think about it for a minute.  When you go to your … [Read more...]

Psychotherapy – The Courage to Redefine

In using the term "Courage", there is a recognition that any process of emotional growth often takes courage on the part of an individual truly engaged in the process.  Courage is sometimes required to see and do things in new ways, to proceed differently and challenge ingrained beliefs about ourselves and others in the change process.  Courage is also needed to engage in psychotherapy, if … [Read more...]