Employment Distress

Even in favorable economic times, work-related stress can dominate an individual’s life, adversely affecting their emotional well-being as well as their relationships and family life.  It is important to break down the dynamics of an adverse work situation or the reason a person might be underemployed or always feel at risk of losing their job.  Often times, the workplace can evolve into a “dysfunctional family”, repeating patterns Employment_Distressdetrimental to morale, productivity, and advancement.

Working with a Psychotherapist

Stress, discontent, and dissatisfaction with your job can dominate your thoughts, create self-doubt, and sustain a feeling of being trapped, with no viable alternatives.  An exploration of one’s concerns, as well as desires, can reverse the patterns of distress and lessen workplace discontent or help determine a new and viable direction.


Courage finds peace in truthfulness to ourselves. ~ Peter C. Turco