Peter C. Turco

Psychotherapy is about transition – moving from patterns, behaviors, even beliefs that limit a person’s experience in the world. It’s also about simultaneously addressing symptoms and developing effective and lasting means of combating them.  Everyone seeking psychotherapy has their own individual reason for doing so.  Deciding to move forward isn’t always easy – it takes courage and conviction to explore what may be deeply-rooted issues and feelings.  Making an informed choice is the first step in taking care of yourself.  Moving forward is your healing gift to yourself.  Working together, we will unwrap that gift.

Life stressors, especially during difficult economic times, challenge us to approach them in more effective ways than in the past. We must ask to “reconsider” ourselves and our behaviors, responses and ability to engage with others so as to expand our possibilities. The practice of psychotherapy is a creative,  forward moving, and lasting transition to an enhanced ALL areas life.

My role as your psychotherapist is to be creative, open-minded, and willing to be expansive in my approach to examining the issues while maintaining focus on your needs – in essence, helping you unwrap the gift.  In doing so, I invite you to act in kind, to view your own life in more open and expanded ways, willing to engage yourself and others differently.