Power Therapy Sessions

A Power Therapy Session is a non-traditional, yet effective, psychotherapy technique between a Power_Sessionstherapist and a client to address a wide variety of needs. We work to create heightened understanding and to develop a working action plan that addresses the client’s most pressing concerns.

Rather than weekly 45-minute sessions, a Power Therapy Session is a three-hour, intensive session with an agenda designed to create immediate and lasting results.  The therapist reviews the problems with the client, looks at its origins and any patterns that have prevented forward movement or change. Then, a plan is developed to address these patterns and take actions to start a new and better direction.

What Type of Therapy is Best Suited for Power Sessions?

Power therapy sessions can be used for individuals, couples, and families.  A goal is established and pursued through means of breaking down the problem factors, historical patterns and any obstacles that have kept the patient(s) from progressing.  The session can be as intense as it is effective, as a great deal of material may be covered and resistance confronted as issues are confronted head on.