Are You an Internet Addict?

Like all other addictive behavior, internet addiction disorders can disrupt one’s life to the extent that personal relationships, job performance, and social behavior are negatively impacted. Since internet usage plays such a large part in our lives today, it can be difficult to segregate legitimate business and personal use from addictive behavior. And, similar to other types of addictive … [Read more...]

Are You Caught in the Internet Pornography Epidemic?

Does Internet pornography play a significant role in your life or the life of someone you care about?  Do you find yourself drawn to it, especially in times of stress?  Does it become a preferred activity as opposed to human contact?  Is it affecting your relationship or marriage? Does it threaten your relationship or marriage?  I'm finding more and more people are contacting me for professional … [Read more...]

Sexual Addiction

When sex takes over   Are you or someone you know consumed by internet addiction disorders such as pornography, provocative “sexting” or other sexual urges too often satisfied in secretive ways that make you feel guilty, embarrassed or even shameful afterwards?   Do you find yourself cheating on your partner for reasons you may not know or just can’t understand?  Is it even harder … [Read more...]