The Power of the Cyber Post

Hiding behind computer screens or phones.   Cyber bullying is becoming a phenomenon spreading around the world.  I was recently asked to discuss the issue by a very helpful and informative organization called “ No Bullying ”.   I always find the dynamics of texting, on-line posts and emailing new and interesting. Of particular note is the depth of the emotional impact that a … [Read more...]

Sexual Addiction

When sex takes over   Are you or someone you know consumed by internet addiction disorders such as pornography, provocative “sexting” or other sexual urges too often satisfied in secretive ways that make you feel guilty, embarrassed or even shameful afterwards?   Do you find yourself cheating on your partner for reasons you may not know or just can’t understand?  Is it even harder … [Read more...]

The Aftermath of a Shared Trauma

Hurricane Sandy was a shared trauma which affected millions throughout the region.  Many had their lives disrupted by loss of loved ones, their homes and their livelihood.  Most of us saw the devastation hour after hour, day after day on television, on line and in the newspapers. WE saw the suffering of  others and feared for the safety of those we care about as well as our own. With the … [Read more...]