Sex Addiction

Peter is affiliated with the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy.

Sexual addiction can be learned behavior, biological in nature, or coexist with other  addictive behaviors such as, alcohol, drugs, food or gambling.

The principle concern of sex addiction is the extent that the impulsive behavior impairs relationships, interferes with occupational performance, diminishes the ability to socialize, and can result in severe legal consequences.

It is important to gain understanding of the origins of this behavior, and to affix positive parameters around the extent of the behavior. 

As a result of internet accessibility, sexual addiction takes on many forms. It can manifest in the following ways:

  • Excessive Viewing of Pornography
  • Habitual Use of Sex Workers
  • Repeated Engagement in Destructive Relationships
  • Sexually Acting Out in Public
  • Sexual Anorexia

As with other addictions, in addition to psychotherapy, an individual may benefit from a 12-step program, psychological testing, and/or medication to treat underlying depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders.