Federal Government Contractor

Since 1995, Peter has been a mental health treatment services provider for the United States Pretrial and Probation Offices – Southern District of New York.

Mental health treatment is a tool that helps United States probation and pretrial services officers supervise or monitor defendants and offenders in the community. Treatment, which includes services such as psychological/psychiatric evaluations; individual, family, or group counseling; and medication, is provided to persons who suffer from mental health problems. These persons either are under pretrial supervision while awaiting a court appearance, on probation, or on parole or supervised release after serving time in prison. Treatment is ordered either by a United States district court or the United States Parole Commission as a condition of releasing defendants and offenders to the community.

The aim is to help persons cope with their legal situation, adjust to life post-incarceration, and provide a framework of treatment recommendations for both federal judges and officers. Mental health treatment provides officers with the ability and means to identify, assess, and provide care for defendants and offenders with mental disorders.

Source: Southern District New York Pretrial Services